Guide Travelers,
Earn Extra Money.

Travee is a website where travelers can find local people who can guide to their destinations. We believe that “meeting with locals” is the most fun part of traveling. To guide travelers on Travee, what you need to do is to “Register as Host”.

Register as Host

Easy to Start

How you start is just register as Host. You can start it NOW.

Share Culture

We have travelers from all over the world. You can learn many different culture, tradition and ideas from them!

Learn Hosipitality

Practice Language

You will have a lot of conversation with people from the world. In the end of the trip, you will realize that you have improved your language skill!

How It Works?

1. Register as a Host

When you resister as a Host, you will select your “Location”. This location should be where you live or where you can go trip.

2. Accept the Request

When a traveler book a tour in your location, you will receive a “Tour Request”. Accept the tour request to guide the travelers according to the tour.

3. Be Selected

When you accept the tour request, travelers will receive a notification. Travelers will have a list of the hosts who accepted the request. Travelers will select a host by seeing their profile. Make your profile attractive to appear yourself!

4. Go Trip!

When travelers select you to be their guide, talk with them via chat. After deciding time and location to meet up, go enjoy with your travelers! Show your beautiful city!

*About Payment

After you finish guiding, travee will send you your income via Paypal. To receive the payment you need to set the Paypal account in your profile page. If you don’t have Paypal account yet, you need to make it on Paypal website.

Register as Host

Get ready to meet your guest!

Register as Host