Find a local with a unique trip.

Travee is a website where travelers can find local people who can guide to their destinations.

Instant Book A Private Tour

Travee has only private tours. This allows you to be flexible about your trip!After booking, you’ll immediately get responses from hosts. No need to wait at all!

Always Available

You can choose any date you want to. Travee is always available!Also you can always reach our staff and support you. We guarantee the best experience!

Local Friend

Travee hosts are your friend, not a guide and a customers! Let’s have fun together and take a lot of photos!

How It Works?

1. Book A Tour

Select your destination in “Where are you going?” then the available tours will appear. Click a tour to check the details and book it by filing the date and numbers of travelers.

2. Select A Host

When you book a tour, your “Tour Request” will be sent to the hosts in the location. They will accept it if they’re available. You will have a list of the hosts who accepted your tour request. Check their profile and select a host! When you decide your host, host will contact you via chat.

3. Enjoy Your Trip

You’re ready to go explore your destination with local host! Enjoy your unique experiences!

*About Payment

We accept credit card as the only payment method. You will be charged when you select a guide. Unless you don’t select a host, you won’t be charged even though you book a tour.