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What is Hospitality?

These standards can help you earn great reviews for providing excellent and dependable hospitality. You can see how you’re doing by checking ratings and feedback from your guests.

When you go to your dashboard, you’ll see the ratings you’ve received for communication, check-in, accuracy, cleanliness, and overall experience. You’ll also see your response rate on your dashboard. To see your commitment to reservations, check the Superhost section of your dashboard. And by frequently checking your calendar, you can maintain updated availability.

How It Works?


Every time a guest reaches out—whether you have a reservation with them or not—responding quickly shows that you’re an attentive and considerate host.

Timely responses

How frequently and quickly you respond to reservation requests and booking inquiries is measured by your response rate.

  • Respond to booking inquiries and reservation requests within 24 hours to maintain your response rate
  • If a traveler’s plans don’t match your hosting style or what your listing has to offer, be sure to decline the reservation request promptly

Supporting your guests

Whether or not you’re staying in the space with your guests, it’s important to remain available throughout their stay. Your guests will have the opportunity to rate the clarity and consistency of your communication. The average of the ratings you receive appears on your listing page.

  • If you confirm a reservation and something about your listing changes, tell your guest in advance
  • If you won’t be greeting your guests when they arrive, you can send them a message at their check-in time to make sure everything went smoothly.
  • If you won’t be in the area during their stay, you can give your guests a local point of contact

If your response rate gets too low, your search placement may be impacted and you may face certain penalties, including having your listing temporarily deactivated. This ensures that travelers aren’t at risk of contacting you and being ignored.

Commitment to Reservations

When you confirm you’ll host someone, they’re trusting you to take care of their needs. Whether it’s a family vacation or a business trip, an unexpected change in accommodations can be very disruptive.

If the unexpected happens and you can’t avoid cancelling a confirmed booking, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • As soon as you know that you have to cancel, let your guest know right away. This will give them as much time as possible to find new accommodations.
  • Cancel the reservation on travee to initiate the refund process.
  • If you know other hosts in your area, consider asking them if they can accommodate the guest’s trip and offer to make an introduction.
  • When there is an extenuating circumstance or a safety concern, travee may make an exception to host cancellation penalties.

We want travelers who book on travee to feel confident in their plans, so we take cancellations seriously. You can be subject to penalties—including financial penalties—if you cancel a confirmed booking.

Don't forget Smile

Your guests will be invited to rate their check-in experience at the end of their stay, so it’s an opportunity to devote extra care to making them comfortable. Keep in mind your guests may be tired from traveling, so it’s important to put them at ease with a clear and simple check-in process.

  • Communicate your check-in procedure in advance and ensure that you’re able to follow through with it
  • Make sure your guests know how to contact you if they have a travel delay or last-minute question
  • Provide your guests with detailed directions so they can get to your listing, and save time by putting it all in your House Manual
  • Let your guests know if you’ll greet them at the door or if they should plan on getting the key from a lockbox or neighbor


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You will have more oppotunities to grab a customer as you get notification each time a traveler book the tours in your location

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You will have more oppotunities to grab a customer as you get notification each time a traveler book the tours in your location