What Not to Do at a Beach That You Need To Know

From Hawaii to Mexico, Greece to Croatia, and even to the coastal shores of New Jersey, nude beaches abound. These hot spots are great if you want a carefree and clothing-optional getaway. But before you hit a nudist beach, know that strict etiquette reigns supreme. In fact, most clothes-free destinations have more rules than a


Head to the Exotic Garden of Monaco for the best views

Arriving in Monaco, I strolled around the area near the casino, enjoying the view of the harbor and surrounding area. I had been to Munich several times in the past where I visited the casino, had a drink at the Hotel de Paris and looked at the windows of the expensive boutiques. It was time


How to preparing your pet to fly

When I decided to add a Lagotto Romagnolo pet to my household, I searched for a responsible, knowledgeable breeder I thought would breed the qualities I wanted in my new dog. When I found my chosen breeder, I didn’t let the fact that she was in the Midwest, while I live in the MidAtlantic, stop