10 Best Places to Play Pokemon GO in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

Looking for places to roam around in Bangkok? What if you can both enjoy yourself and refuel your Pokémon Go supplies at the same time? There are also likely to be lure modules attached to these stops so you might get Pikachu or Jigglypuff back home if you're lucky enough! Here are the 10 places you can do so:

1. Siam

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Located right in the city centre, Siam is the place where youngsters hang out. There's a bunch of attractions selling a wide variety of trendy clothes, tasty food and unique souvenirs along with gyms and lure module-attached Pokestops as you walk around the place.

2. Platinum Fashion Mall

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Located a walking distance away from Siam, Platinum has a lot to offer. Being fully air-conditioned, it's a paradise for clothes shopping in Bangkok's hot and humid climate. Another good news is that you can access several Pokestops from inside the mall!

3. Chatuchak Weekend Market

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There is a saying: "If you're looking for anything, go to Chatuchak, they sell it." And guess what? Things are pretty cheap there! Whether you prefer catching Pokemons while shopping or shopping while catching Pokemons, this is a perfect place for you to do both.

4. Chao Phraya River

Indulge yourself in a river cruise trip filled with food and performances along with a great view of Bangkok skyline together with several attractions along the river side. We are not sure whether the boat speed is slow enough to help hatch your eggs, but in any case it is still a worthwhile experience!

5. Asiatique

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With several Instagram-worthy photo-spots, a few restaurants, live performances and a gigantic ferris wheel, this night market is much more lively than a mere market. On top of those perks, there are countless number of things you can shop here, and more walking also means more Pokemon for you!

6. Khao San Road

Known as a heaven for backpackers, this short stretch of road is full of life day and night. There are a lot of street food and goods to buy at really cheap prices while looking for your next Pokemon.

7. Patpong

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Nightlife in Bangkok is not something you can simply ignore. If you still have some (or rather lots of) energy left, you can get a few drinks here before calling it a day. Pokemon catching wise, I'm sure lure modules will be attached to many Pokestops until early morning, so no worries for that.

8. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

When it comes to shopping (and catching Pokemons), give it twist and do it on water! Maybe you can collect enough Magikarps to evolve it here, or you might strike pay dirt and whoom, Wild Gyarados appears!

9. Yaowarat

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Chinatown exists in virtually every great cities on Earth, and of course we have one too. It is famous for delicious eateries offered at affordable price. Maybe it's time to use your Incense so that you can catch some Pokemons on your dining table.

10. Health Land

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Tired of shopping? Health Land offers authentic Thai massage by professional therapists at a friendly price. Its branches are located at the city centre where Pokestops and gyms are highly concentrated. It's definitely worth a visit if you have a few hours to spare.