The biggest Chinatown in the world!

Bangkok , Thailand
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Include Price Chinatown history museum's ticket
Exclude Price Food and transportation.
Meeting Place 12.30 PM @Any BTS or MRT station,I'll pick you up.
Time Medium Time(3~6 hours)

About The biggest Chinatown in the world!

The biggest Chinatown in the world!

You shouldn't missed Chinatown in Bangkok.It's known for the oldest and the biggest chinatown in the world!!! In this trip I'll take you to Chinatown and all around Chinatown's areas.It has many Chinese temple there and also many interesting food.We'll eat like Thai, tralvel like Thai and do many things like Thai do.I can show you what are the things you shouldn't missed while you are in Bangkok!!!

We'll begin the trip with Wat Traimitr where the biggest golden Buddha located and then we'll take a tour around temple and visit Chinatown's history museum after that i'll take you to the center of the Chinatown to fastinate the surroundings and find something delicious to eat :)

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