Use these videos, articles, and activities to bring the achievements of Hispanic and Latino people into your classroom

Though backgrounds, cultures, and histories are a part of our international journal classrooms every day, September 15-October 15 is officially National Hispanic American Heritage Month. Teachers can use this opportunity to shine a light on the critical contributions, rich culture, and long history of Hispanic and Latino Americans. With these resources, students can read, listen, watch, and go off-screen for activities that will give them a window into the enormous impact that Hispanic and Latino people have had on our world.

Below, we’ve broken our list down into grade bands, and by activity type, so you can check out the resources most relevant to your classes first. But be sure to check out all of the resources, since there’s plenty of overlap between grade levels!

Hands-on activities:
If you want an activity that’s more open-ended, have kids use the directions from Kid World Citizen to make some Ecuadorian clay — migajón — and create something.
These coloring pages from can open up a great discussion about each famous person’s contributions.
Explore ancient history by talking about — and then making — Taíno petroglyphs using this resource from Kid World Citizen.
Work together as a class or in groups to make your own piñatas with guidance from HITN.

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