Do You Need an Interior Design Internship?

Many aspiring interior designers find themselves confused about desain what education is actually required in order to start working as a professional. Unlike becoming a teacher or a nurse, most design careers don’t involve a standard set of educational requirements you must complete in order to start working. You don’t have to follow a concrete set of steps, obtain a specific degree or pass a certain exam in order to get hired and start working as an interior designer.

That being said, all of these things are certainly available to designers who are interested. 4 year universities offer interior design degree programs and nationally-recognized organizations offer interior design certifications you can earn if you’re interested in formal training. But in an industry where these things aren’t required, it can be hard to decide which are actually worth your money and time.

At the New York Institute of Art and Design, we often receive questions specifically about whether or not interior design students are required to complete internships in order to start working.

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