Get to Know Academic Levels Provided by Global Sevilla International School Jakarta

Get to Know Academic Levels Provided by Global Sevilla International School Jakarta

Global Sevilla is one of the international schools in Jakarta with the best quality in various aspects, such as its teaching method, achievements, and school facilities. Global Sevilla provides two campuses with the same quality, one at East Jakarta and the other at West Jakarta. Also, this school has different academic levels with its focus.

Academic Levels in Global Sevilla

  1. Kindergarten School

The first academic level provided by this International School Jakarta is kindergarten school. The program used to teach the students at this level uses the IECY, which stands for International Early Years Curriculum. This curriculum is applied at this academic level because of its focus on young children’s development needs. 

The students will be taught to develop their physical, language, communication, and literacy here. Also, students aimed to build their knowledge and understanding of the world, numeracy, problem-solving, reasoning, creativity, personal, emotional, and social through practical, fun play yet purposeful.

  1. Primary School

Different from kindergarten, the primary level focuses on active inquiry-based learning. Here, Global Sevilla International School Jakarta applies two curriculums. The curriculums used at the primary level are Cambridge Primary, which focuses more on science, math, and English, and International Primary Curriculum. 

Not only those two curriculums but also Global Sevilla applies another curriculum at this level: thematic, creative, and comprehensive. This curriculum is designed for 3 to 12 years olds students through clear goals and learning processes. It has the main focus on personal learning and international-mindedness.

Students in this stage will learn through multiple activities to apply those curriculums. For example, students will direct to visit the library. Visits library aim to build and develop their habits in reading. Students will be taught to write their skills to record feelings and thoughts and develop their skills in listening and speaking through performance and presentation. 

  1. Secondary School

The last academic level in this international school Jakarta is secondary school. The focus on secondary school is more advanced than the other two levels, which focus on projects and learning based on research. Here, students are expected to through creative and innovative experiential activities.

Students will learn through several activities that are considered experiments, including activities in laboratories, self-study, projects, internships, research, community services, and field trips as well. Students are expected to understand their abilities, potential, skills, likes and dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses at this level. 

Many schools have international standards, but the best quality for international school Jakarta is Global Sevilla. Here, students will be taught according to the curriculum that suits their ages. Also, Global Sevilla not only aimed to develop their academics but also build the students’ positive character.

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