What’s Travee?

Travee is a platform that connects travellers with Local Hosts. Travellers can get a true local experience and go beyond what’s in the guide book. Travel plans are specifically designed by locals. We offer a unique way to see a new city at an affordable price.

What kind of plans?

Go off the beaten path and explore the best that your destination has to offer. Travel plans are specifically designed by locals and are customizable. We offer a unique way to see a new city at an affordable price.

How can I contact Travee?

Contact us here. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

How do I book a trip?

Step 1 Choose a plan, select the number of persons attending and make your reservation.

Step 2 A Travee Guide applies if he/she is interested in guiding the traveler.

Step 3 The traveler chooses whom he/she wants to be guided by among the available Travee Guides.

Which do I choose first? Place first or guide first?

First, select the Place. Next, select the Plan. Then, select the Travee Guide.

From which country can I find a Travee Guide?

You will be able to find a guide initialy in Tokyo.

However we have plans to expand our operations to other countries in the future.

What is a Travee Guide?

They are the local guides who will host the travellers according to his/her requested plan.

How do I contact a Travee Guide?

You can contact a Travee Guide via our chat service inside Travee.

Who do I pay to?

You can pay to your Travee Guide directly.

Where do I meet my Travee guide?

The meeting point can be discussed with your Travee Guide directly via our chat service.

In case of any problems, will Travee support me?

We will share our customer support phone number, so you can call us if any assistance is required.

What if I change my mind? Can I have my money refunded?

Please inform us at least 2 days before the reservation. For more details, please read our rules and conditions.

Do I have to write a review?

It is not mandatory, however your cooperation is appreciated to improve our Travee experience.

How can I become a Travee Guide?

Anyone can become a Travee Guide!
Please register at, https://travee.co/signup/guide_and_user

Are there any qualifications to become a Travee Guide?

Becoming a Travee Guide is open to everyone! No special qualifications are required.

Is the registration free?

Yes, it is totaly free!

How can I contact the travelers?

You can contact via our chat service within Travee.

How do I get paid?

You can collect direct payment from your traveler at the site.

How is the guiding fee decided?

It will be decided by H.I.S.

Does the guide have the right to choose his/her travelers?

Yes, the guide can choose their travelers based on their profiles, reviews and communication through our chat service in Travee.

What kind of information is required for registration?

Your name, e-mail, phone number, birthday, place (the area where you can guide), language capabilities, self-introduction and a profile picture.

Can the Travee Guide decide the guide plan by themselves?

The plans are fixed and Travee Guides cannot decide the plans by themselves.
However plan suggestions are always welcome!

What if I want to quit being a Travee Guide?

Please send a notification to info@travee.co

How do I change my profile?

You can make changes on your profile here or in the “Profile Settings” section.

How do I delete my account ?

You can find "delete account" under the profile edit section.