The Main Attractions in Las Vegas Strip Hotels

Circus Circus:
Circus Circus was the first casino hotel. Over twenty years ago it adopted the idea of providing fun activities for the whole family alongside casino facilities. An entire floor of the hotel is dedicated to circus shows that take place every fifteen minutes from 11AM to midnight. Around it are many carnival sideshow attractions where kids and adults can win stuffed toys of every shape and size. Right next to the hotel is an indoor theme park (very good for the hot summer months) called Adventuredome Theme Park. The rides are suitable for all ages. You can purchase a daily ticket for unlimited use of all the rides, or alternatively buy single tickets for specific rides.

Caesar Palace
This is one of the most beautiful hotels in Las Vegas, although in recent years it has had some competitors. The hotel may be one of the oldest in the city but a few years ago it underwent heavy reconstruction and since then it has been growing and improving every year. In the hotel there is a beautiful shopping and entertainment centre called The Forum, which is built to look like a street in Ancient Rome. Its ceiling simulates a changing sky with moving clouds, which changes from day to beautiful twilight to night according to the time of the day. The street has lovely little piazzas decorated with Roman sculptures. At its two ends are fountains, also decorated with statues. Every hour on the hour, these statues start to move and talk in a show full of stunning fire, water and lazer effects. The two fountains feature two different shows, each ten minutes long. I recommend seeing both.]

The Forum is home to many impressive stores. I don’t recommend shopping here, as the shops are fairly expensive; they are, however, excellent for window shopping. Some notable stores are the Nike store, which is a huge hall containing all of the company’s latest releases, the toy store Schwartz, and many galleries.
One of the most unique shops in the Forum is the Exotic Car Showroom, where over 40 cars are on display, each worth over a million dollars. Most of them are rare collectors’ cars. The car selection changes all the time. This is in fact a store as well, and you would be surprised as how quickly these cars are sold. Scattered around the showroom are several computers that provide information about the various cars. If the prices of the cars are too steep for you, don’t worry – you can purchase affordable souvenirs such as keychains, t-shirts and baseball caps bearing the emblems of these cars. There are also remote controlled toy cars that you can play with in the showroom (and of course purchase as well). The impressive display draws thousands of visitors every day.
The Forum also features a huge aquarium with over 500 tropical fish. Twice a day you can watch the fish being fed. There are also ‘behind the scenes’ tours of the aquarium once a day every Monday to Friday (these tours are free of charge).
There is also a 3D simulator in the Forum called Cinema Ride, where several different films are screened. These change every so often. The Cinema Ride moves and jerks around and is not recommended for people with heart or back problems and pregnant women. However, these is also the more relaxed Omnimax theatre in the hotel, which screens films on a humongous screen. These films change occasionally as well.
One last interesting feature of Caesars Palace I would like to mention is the Cypress Street Marketplace, a stylized food court with nine popular and inexpensive restaurants.

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