Set Clear Expectations

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Managing expectations – both in terms of what you expect from others and what they expect of you – is one of the most important things a team can do to facilitate better communication. Anything you or your colleagues need from each other should be clearly defined and expressed. Miki Feldman-Simon, founder of IAmBackatWork, made it a point to have

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Are Government Benefits Contributing to Worker Shortages

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Austin Beerworks is a brewery in Austin, Texas, that was founded in 2011. It manufactures, packages, and sells beer to local retail stores, bars, and restaurants; it also serves beer in its own taproom, along with a menu of burgers, tacos, and nachos prepared by the brewery’s own food truck. The past year has been a roller coaster: in March,

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Top 10 Mistakes When Setting Up a Living Trust

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A living trust is a legal arrangement that, among other things, allows your estate to pass to your heirs after your death without going through the probate court. A person, called the grantor, sets up a trust and transfers their assets into it, essentially by changing the title from their name to the trust’s. The grantor names a trustee to

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Partnership For Business

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This entity is owned by two or more individuals agen judi slot. There are two types: a general partnership, where all is shared equally; and a limited partnership, where only one partner has control of its operation while the other person (or persons) contributes to and receives part of the profits. Partnerships carry a dual status as a sole proprietorship

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